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Custonaci, 1948-2008, 60 anni di autonomia comunale Custonaci, 1948-2008, 60 anni di autonomia comunale

Author Salvatore Denaro
Date of publication: December 2008
Page 285
The book was published by the municipality of Custonaci

Disponibile in Italiano.

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The book, edited by Salvatore Denaro, collects the full transcript of the 70 documents that make up the binder kept at the Biblioteca Comunale di Erice titled "Fraction Custonaci practice concerning the establishment of an autonomous municipality" and cover a period of time between July 1946 to June 1949.  




Custonaci, between sky and sea Custonaci, between sky and sea

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over (Italian version) Giancarlo Cara
Voice over (English version) Alessandro Russel
Camera work Gianni Basciano
Editing Gianni Basciano
Post-production Gianni Basciano
Duration min. 50
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
Available in English and Italian language.

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Custonaci and its landscape, between sky and sea. An enviable natural and ethno-anthropological legacy.

The Caves, towers, baliols, the Mount Cofano Natural Reserve, the archaeological sites and finds, the economy, the views.

Custonaci and its Sanctuary, between faith and legend. The works of art, the fascinating cult of the Virgin, the landing of the miraculous canvas re-enacted, the procession.

An exciting storyline and some stunning pictures take the viewer through the discovery of the town`s every stone, drop of sea water, land yield. This is the legacy of its ancient history, demanding to be preserved.

Travel in the Elimo-Ericini Municipalities Travel in the Elimo-Ericini Municipalities
Buseto Palizzolo Custonaci Paceco San Vito Lo Capo - Valderice

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Shooting Gianni Basciano
Assembling Gianni Basciano
Duration min. 30
Available in English and Italian language

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Made by Association of the "Elimo-Ericini" Municipalities

At the westernmost point of Sicily, there where the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas meet, history and myth conspire to bring to life an incomparable and fascinating ambience.

Erice, the mountain known for centuries as "San Giuliano", towers over a mild valley suffused with a common history of customs, symbiotic lifestyle and civility.

During a spontaneous and leisurely economic and social development involving the countryside of Erice, the pervasive agricultural practice and the popular devotional sentiment have determined the rise of settlements around courtyards and sanctuaries in small villages and maritime towns whose growth have facilitated the rise of urban centers, now become autonomous Communes.

A history begun centuries ago, yet still flourishing today. A history written in the pathways of Nature, on the crystalline seas, on the walls of courtyards and towers, on the naked earth under the clear sky.

A history that is the patrimony of each individual town and of all who, whether fom Paceco to Valderice, from Buseto Palizzolo to Custonaci out to San Vito Lo Capo, daily ehert themselves to render eternal legends and myths and to preserve from oblivion one of Sicily`s most fascinating locales.

Custonaci: il territorio, il culto Custonaci: il territorio, il culto

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Shooting and Assembling Gianni Basciano Enzo Lucchese
Voice over Giacomo Genovese
Post-production Lucchese Video
Duration min. 38
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

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Life in Custonaci, small agricultural town, rotates around the sanctuary dedicated to Maria Santissima (Holiest Mary), center of the greatest cult and religiousness in Trapani.

Custonaci offers numerous opportunities for a study-trip, a relaxing journey, for excursions, immerged in an untainted nature; these opportunities are represented by the enchanting landscapes of the Cofano Mountain and of the Cornino bay, by the mysteries beheld within the ancient court-yards (historical documentation of a civilization effecting the landscape with extremely strong cultural signs), by the guardian towers (works of art characterized by remarkable military architecture, and symbols perfectly blend with the landscape), by the caves (the most ancient and original signs of a primordial human civilization).

In each stone, in each drop of the sea, in each fruit of the countryside, Custonaci claims its paternity of an ancient vocation and adoration towards Mary, and the legitimate right to preserve its historical and cultural patrimony.

Il Presepe Vivente di Custonaci Il Presepe Vivente di Custonaci

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over Giacomo Genovese
Shooting Gianni Basciano
Assembling Enzo Lucchese
Post-production Centro Video Sud
Duration min. 46
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

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In an enchanting scenario surrounded by the sea, made magical by the pre-historical caves that open on the rocky coasts, by religion and culture, by the faith in God and love towards the homeland, everything merges to give life to a fascinating representation of the most important event in the lives of Christians, thus becoming something more than a simple performance.

Faithfully reproducing life of the rural suburbs of the late 800`s, Custonaci`s Living Christmas Crèche gives the community a specific identity, telling the true story of a land and its habitants to the contemporaries` intellects, and to the posterity`s memory, away from time and space. The actors do not interpret roles, but they truly live the situations they are, or were, protagonists of, representing the world they were born in, and live in.

The life of the suburbs, scanned by the rhythms of what is extraordinarily ordinary, is fastened within the scenes, along with its multiple and variegated aspects: the country, the shops, the homes, the ancient court-yards, the fruit markets, the animals, nature. Custonaci`s Living Crèche shows ancient places, men, and tools, reproducing agricultural, pastoral, hand craft, and domestic activities, it helps recuperating the ancient dialect, and it proposes a metamorphic miracle, changing itself into an ethnographical and anthropological living museum.

This documentary admirably collects delicate sounds and evocative images, and is a precious testimonial non only for those who long and love following the scents of history and time, but for those who study, for the youth, and the entire rural society, as well, so that the consciousness of our origins can help us find the sense of our existence.

Museo vivente di Custonaci Museo vivente di Custonaci
nella grotta preistorica di Scurati

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Assembling Peppe Aiello
Post-production Blue Service - Trapani
Duration min. 14
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
Also available in English.

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Going on the scenic route which running along the coast connectes Trapani to Castellammare, it gets to Custonaci. It is at the foot of the Mount Bufara, an ideal place for numerous excursions, it is interesting both for its naturalistic landscape and for its history, Very easy but not less evocative is the way which leads to the admittance and to the exploration of the Grotta Mangiapane also called Grotta Scurati.

It is the shelter of a small and rural agglomerate made up of houses with one storey and with a chapel and a cobbled paving street. The engraving on the walls of the cave are very interesting and they can be date back to the Palaeolithic period.

The fascination of this abandoned village, with the houses squared from the colors of the burnt earth, is possible to enjoy of it in the Christmas period, when to its inside comes prepared an evocative Living Crib, to the inside of which figuring groups put in scene the daily life of the rural Sicily of the early of this century. In others period of the year the same structure is used to give hospitality to the Living Museum of the Trades.

Perle di Sicilia - Edizioni Affinità Elettive Perle di Sicilia
Trapani, Selinunte, Marsala, Egadi, Erice, Mozia, Pantelleria, Segesta.

Authors: Maria Rosaria Falcone e Romilda Nicotra
Pages: 176
Publication: June 1998
Available in English, French, German and Italian language.

Information about how to purchase this book

The territory of Trapani has numerous characteristics tied one to the other that constitute the same spirit of this province. Ecology, traditions, architecture, beaches, gastronomy, archaeology, mystery, history, adventure, handicraft, culture represent a single chain connecting all the centers and all people.

The monumental, artistic and archaeological patrimony of this earth is immense. Prehistoric coves, rests of mysterious people, Punic locations, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Baroque, Renaissance and modern architecture. A sweet, wild, gorgeous nature surronds the human work.

Beautifulst gulfs, golden beaches, wild water reefs, course, sweet valleys, imposing mountains, lacustrine sites, natural reservoirs, salt magical yields from the games of the sun, volcanic islands.

The only true defect of the province of Trapani is that it does not enter all in a suitcase."

The authors collected in this volume the genuine soul of this splendid location, along with beautifulst pictures and a lot of useful information such as timetables, lodges, restaurants, stores and a calendar for events covering each month of the year.