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Castellammare del Golfo: The ancient emporium of Segesta Castellammare del Golfo: The ancient emporium of Segesta

Text and direction Giovanni Montanti
Shooting, Assembling and Post-production Gianni Basciano
Voice over (English version) Frank Uhl
Duration min. 30
Available in English and Italian.

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The succession of evocative images and historical information make this documentary a valuable tool for those who wish to become familiar with the rich and varied architectural and naturalistic heritage of Castellammare del Golfo, a popular destination for tourists who wish to totally immerse themselves in the culture, art gastronomy and traditions of one of the most beautiful places in Sicily.

It is a journey into the discovery of the picturesque old town (the streets, churches, the castle, museums), of the surrounding area (Zingaro nature reserve, Scopello, Inici castle), of the events which transform the populated areas into an open air stage (the historic parade of Santa Rita, the procession of the simulacrum of Maria SS. del Soccorso, the historic recalling of "Nostra Principalissima Patrona", the live nativity scene of Balata di Baida) and of events promoting typical foods and crafts( tasting of tuna, cheeses, wines and pasta with broad beans for the feast of the Madonna delle Scale, the exhibition and cultural stands "Per le antiche scale").

A fascinating journey which takes us into the heart of Castellammare del Golfo and its people, making us us see how the link between past and present, old and new, is ensuring a bright future for this town and its community.

Castellammare del Golfo: Storia, Arte, Natura Castellammare del Golfo: Storia, Arte, Natura

Shooting Peppe Aiello, Enzo Lucchese Tonino Randazzo
Assembling Peppe Aiello
Voice over (Italian version) Giancarlo Cara
Voice over (English version) Rosanna Campo
Post-production Blue Service Trapani
Consultant Baldo Sabella
Text and direction Giovanni Montanti
Duration min. 50
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)
Available in English and Italian.

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The sea, the mountain, the ancient stones, the people. The nice images and historical information make this video a precious instrument for those who wants to know the various aspects of Castellammare del Golfo, its history, its traditions, its beauties.

An enviable cultural patrimony hides itself between the architectonic buildings and the natural atmospheres of this pleasant corner of Sicily.

From the castle to the museums, from the ancient quarters of the historical center to the churches, from the labyrinths of narrow lanes to the refined decorations of the palaces, from the beaches to the stacks, and then the tuna factory of Scopello, the rural farms, the coves the ruins of the castle of Calathamet, the living crib of Balata di Baida, the more hidden angles of the city center and the faces of people, all lead back to the spirit of this colorful country that along the time conserved the devotion for Our Lady of the Aid to which every year two evocative religious procession are dedicated along with an historical commemoration of one of her many miracles in favor of the population.

We will quietly discover Castellammare del Golfo, enjoying the panoramas that are controlled from the paths of the wild natural atmosphere that encircles it, walking by night through its fine alleys, just asking to be delighed even for a day.

Castellammare del Golfo: il territorio, il culto Castellammare del Golfo: il territorio, il culto

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Consultant Prof. G. Vito Internicola
Shooting Enzo Lucchese Gianni Basciano
AssemblingEnzo Lucchese
Voice over Giacomo Genovese
Post-production Lucchese Video
Duration min. 35
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

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Set within a beautiful gulf, Castellammare del Golfo is wrapped by a mysterious silence that carries serenity within it, and causes curiosity at the same time.

Who and what lives within the closely gathered houses, surrounded by the ups and downs of the town`s tiny streets? What hides behind the green of the wavy hills, dominated by powerful calcareous bastions and their savage beauty? What has Castellammare del Golfo jealously beheld of its millenary history?

Throughout the homes, the labyrinths woven by streets and alleys within the town`s historic center, along the coasts lapped by clean, crystal waters, Castellammare del Golfo jealously preserves its monuments, its breath taking scenarios of nature, its traditions: the Castle, the Mother Church, the court-yards, the ancient tuna establishments, the Guidaloca bay, Scopello, the natural Zingaro Reserve, the veneration for the Madonna del Soccorso (Mary of Assistance), the town`s adored patroness.

This documentary`s evocative images tell the story of Castellammare del Golfo, to those who live there today, so that the treasures of this place, the religiousness, the architectural work, the natural beauties, may all be respected and emphasized; but also to those who do not live there any longer, to remind them of their homeland and impress it in the hearts of the generations born elsewhere; and ultimately to those who don`t know Castellammare del Golfo, or know little of it, to delight their souls, if only for a day.

Nostra Principalissima Patrona Nostra Principalissima Patrona

Text and Direction Fabrizio Lupo, Sandro Tranchina
Shooting Peppe Aiello, Enzo Lucchese
Assembling Enzo Lucchese
Post-production Centro Video Sud
Duration min. 45
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

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Since from 1500 the population of Castellammare del Golfo tributed a great devotion to our Lady of the Aid, making Her the Patroness of the city. To her people asked for help in the more difficult moments of its history: the liberation from the Turks, the pest flagellum, shipwrecks, earthquakes, scarcites, drought, wars. A very big number of miracles are assigned to the intercession of our Lady.

In 1797 the Canons of the Basilica of Saint Peter granted our Lady of the Aid of two golden crowns. An year after, on September 16 the coronation took place, being preceded and accompanied by feasts, torch-light processions and fireworks.

To celebrate the 200 years from coronation of the holy statue, Castellammare del Golfo remenbered with a show of fires, lights, songs and processions one of the historical events more close related to the cult of our Lady, id est the English strafing of 1718. This show wrapped Castellammare, its evocative gulf, in an ideal embrace of faith and love.

Perle di Sicilia - Edizioni Affinità Elettive Perle di Sicilia
Trapani, Selinunte, Marsala, Egadi, Erice, Mozia, Pantelleria, Segesta.

Authors: Maria Rosaria Falcone e Romilda Nicotra
Pages: 176
Publication: June 1998
Available in English, French, German and Italian language.

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The territory of Trapani has numerous characteristics tied one to the other that constitute the same spirit of this province. Ecology, traditions, architecture, beaches, gastronomy, archaeology, mystery, history, adventure, handicraft, culture represent a single chain connecting all the centers and all people.

The monumental, artistic and archaeological patrimony of this earth is immense. Prehistoric coves, rests of mysterious people, Punic locations, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Baroque, Renaissance and modern architecture. A sweet, wild, gorgeous nature surronds the human work.

Beautifulst gulfs, golden beaches, wild water reefs, course, sweet valleys, imposing mountains, lacustrine sites, natural reservoirs, salt magical yields from the games of the sun, volcanic islands.

The only true defect of the province of Trapani is that it does not enter all in a suitcase."

The authors collected in this volume the genuine soul of this splendid location, along with beautifulst pictures and a lot of useful information such as timetables, lodges, restaurants, stores and a calendar for events covering each month of the year.