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    Catania - Edizioni Affinità Elettive Catania e la Costa dei Ciclopi

    Authors: Maria Rosaria Falcone e Romilda Nicotra
    Pages: 142
    Publication: June 2000

    Available in English, French, German and Italian language.

    Information about how to purchase this book

    "It`s a privilege for us to take you on a trip to discover one of the beautifulst cities of Sicily and its splendid Coast of Cyclopes.

    You will share with us the pleasure to visit the gorgeous Catania and its rich baroque, to discover its popular markets, its colorful angles, to taste its foods and its famous pastry production, to attend its theatres and its pub in the night life.

    Be assured that we will forget nothing. We will speak you of art and history, myths and legends, festivities and festivals, shopping and souvenirs, restaurants and lodges.

    We will not lack to take you on a trip to the sea, to the river, to suggest you beaches and beautiful reefs, as well as to indicate you the best places for trekking and bird watching. All of this without making uproar too much, without disturbing he, the Etna, the higher mountain of the Sicily, by far the largest active volcano of Europe... "

    The authors collected in this volume the genuine soul of this splendid town, along with beautifulst pictures and a lot of useful information such as timetables, lodges, restaurants, stores and a calendar for events covering each month of the year.