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Itinerari Siciliani: le Madonie Itinerari Siciliani: le Madonie

Text and Direction Giovanni Montanti
Voice over Giancarlo Cara
Shooting and Assembling Peppe Aiello
Post-production Blue Service
Duration min. 45
DVD: USD 50,00 (included mail delivery service to your address)

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The fascination of the Madonie mountains can be easily found in the castles, in the medieval villages arose around them and arranged so to crown the top of the mountains, or placed in the mild valleys.

The same fascination can also be found in the works of art, in the churches and the baronial palaces that embellish the city systems of Muslim derivation, in the archaeological sites, in the suburbane villas as well as in the small rural churches and in the flour mills placed among rich valleys and soft hills.

The territory of the Madonie mountains is an isle in the island, a paradise of earth and sky where each corner guards its perfect history and its nature.

It comes introduced in its multiple fascinating treasures through this video that, for evocative images and thoroughness of the text, is not only proposed as a didactic subsidy for those who wants to better know the beauties of the Madonie but also like a contribution to the respawn of this wonderful piece of Sicily and a stimulus for those young people wishing to spend theit own energies in the earth they born.

Cefalù Cefalù

Duration: 20 minutes

Available in English (NTSC), French (Pal and Secam), German, Spanish and Italian language.  

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Cefalù Cefalù

Authors: Maria Rosaria Falcone e Romilda Nicotra
Pages: 96
Publication: July 2000

Available in English, French, German and Italian language.

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Famous tourist centre in the ancient times it was called Kephaloidion that originates from the Greek word kefalè (head), referring to the rock that overlooks it. The place is on the west slopes of a spendid promontory.

Different evidences found out some caves assure the presence of people in pre-hellenic age. In 254 B.C. the small town was under Romans` control and in 858 it was conquered by the Muslim after two long sieges. With the Norman domination about 1063 for Cefalù began a good period; in fact it had a strong economy and enjoyed artistical splendour and in 1131 it became the bishop`s residence.

For different centuries it was from a political point of view a very important ecclesiastic possession since it has large properties as well as numerous privileges.

Cefalù has got many important monuments. The valuable Cathedral erected in 1131, inside is full of works of art among them there are precious mosaics; Piraino Palace of Cinquecento; the church of St. Maria della Catena ornated by a pretty portico; the church of Purgatory and the Monte Pietà (Mount Piety) dated back to the Baroque period.

Further there is the pre-historic Sanctuary called Tempio di Diana (Temple of Diana) that dates back to the V century B.C.. It is placed on a cliff that overlooks the centre and near it is placed the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna, built in the XVI century is destination of pilgrimages from all Sicily.

Very important and particularly interesting as monument is the solemn and vivid figure of the Cristo Pantocratore which dominates the high part of the apse`s area of the Cathedral. The attention is suddenly caught by the magnificent image of Christus with the right hand that blesses and the left hand holds the Holy Scriptures.  

Palermo and the 80 municipalities of its province Palermo and the 80 municipalities of its province

Author: Salvatore Quattrocchi
Pages: 253
Publication: 2003

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Palermo and the 80 municipalities of its province

Several pages with a lot of great pictures are dedicated to each town, illustrating the town, its history, the most intersting places to see, the monuments.

A list of useful information like Hotels and other receptive structures completes the description of each town.

The books also offers great pages about the naturalistic resources of the privince of Palermo, like those dedicated to the Madonie`s Park and the Forest of Ficuzza.


Author: Salvatore Quattrocchi
Publication: 2003

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The province of Palermo and all of its municipalities

The town and places files contain or link to photos taken in those locations. Descriptions of local festivals are included the files for some towns.

A first section is devoted to the Chief Town of Sicily, Palermo. This section illustrates the origins, the famous people, the history, and much more information about this town and its traditions. A second section is devoted to the cultural aspects of the Province. This section illustrates the agriculture, the poesy, the proverbs and the cooking recipes. A third section illustrates the Madonie`s Mountains Park with a fully description of the same Park and a lot of wonderful pictures. A fourth and final section, a very important one, illustrates each municipality of the Province of Palermo. For each town the origins, the famous people, the history, and much more information about the town and its traditions are fully described with a lot of pictures too.

System Requirements:
System: Windows 98
PC with processor Pentium II
128 MB Ram
Cd-Rom Drive 24 x
SVGA 65.000 colors
Video card and cases